Advantages And Disadvantages Of Personal Loans 2021

Personal Loan
A personal loan is a form of credit that allows you to borrow money from your bank or another lender for a variety of purchases. One can get the benefit of this financial product and cash disbursal within 24 hours. The reason why this loan option is very popular in Canada is the ease of applying and easy procedure. 

We all know that a coin has two faces. In the same way, this option may sound like an easy and convenient solution to many of life's problems, but there are some disadvantages as well.

In essence, a personal loan is a loan that you apply for and receive from the bank or other lender. You then use the money to pay for any expenses that are not covered by your other known obligations. In short, you get money from the bank or another type of lender and then use it to spend as you wish on whatever it is that you need or want to spend it on.

Usually, lending institutions do not impose any restrictions on the usage of funds obtained from this financial product. There may be some lending sources who offer this loan with restrictions. Thus, you need to find the one that best suits your needs and satisfies your requirements.

You will find that applying for a personal loan can be one of the most challenging things that anyone can do. It can be an intimidating process, especially if you do not have a lot of money in your bank accounts. If you will not be able to arrange the money to pay back the entire amount owed, then it can cause a serious problem.

You should always consider all the available options before applying for a personal loan or other forms of unsecured credit, as it is very important to do so. It is essential that you take into account the things that will happen after you start taking out personal loans. 

Think about what will happen if you are unable to repay the loan and decide whether or not these negatives outweigh any possible benefits that you might find by taking out a personal loan from your bank or another lender.

Pros and Cons Of Taking Personal Loans in 2021

Personal loans are designed for situations when you need cash quickly or want to pay off credit cards. You can easily borrow from $500 to $25,000 and the repayment term can range between 1 year to 4 years. 

Personal loans are also a good way to consolidate your debts into one payment each month. You have an important event coming up that you need to spend money on. Maybe you are looking for a way to finance college, or you want to buy a car. You want the financing company to take into account your credit score and income when considering your application.

Don't know if Personal Loan 2021 is the right solution for your needs? Check out the benefits of it below!

  • Personal loan 2021 can help with any major purchase (like buying a car or going back to school).
  • It offers low interest rates and monthly payments so that you stay within budget.
  • It doesn’t require collateral and deducts points from your credit score if payments are missed.
  • The loan payment plans are also flexible and one can easily manage to pay back the loan amount.

With that being said, there are also some disadvantages of personal loans:

  1. One disadvantage is that this loan product could adversely affect your credit score in a negative way and that can result in higher interest rates on other types of loans e.g. credit cards, store cards or mortgages in the future.
  2. Interest rates for personal loans are usually higher than those for credit cards because it's assumed you're borrowing more money and paying back over a longer period of time.
  3. Personal loans are unsecured, which means if you don't repay then you could lose your assets such as your home.
  4. Personal loans are advertised like no other loan product. They're frequently used by scammers who have similar-sounding names to real lenders and even use the names of real lenders in emails to make them appear more genuine. So, be very careful when looking for personal loans because not all lenders are reputable.
  5. You may be able to get a better rate or a lower price on other loan products such as credit cards or store cards. Check and compare the websites before applying for a personal loan.
  6. Another disadvantage is that if you don't repay then you could lose your assets such as your home if it's used as collateral. Also, personal loans are unsecured which means they have a higher risk of default compared with secured loans. In general, personal loans are advertised like no other loan product and they're frequently used by scammers who can sound very professional. So, be very careful when looking for lenders because not all of them are reputable.

Why Are Personal Loans Popular in 2021?

As a result of higher inflation and economic uncertainty, more borrowers are opting for personal loans than ever before. Personal loans offer lower interest rates and potentially lower monthly payments than many other types of loans.

Personal loans are appealing for many reasons. Among the top reasons are low interest rates, flexible repayment options, and low monthly payments depending on an applicant’s creditworthiness. These types of loans allow borrowers to repay debt or consolidate student loan debt without having to use (and pay) income-related portions of their Social Security benefits.

How Do Personal Loans Work?

Personal loans work much like other loan types. You are borrowing money from a lending institution that you will eventually have to pay back along with interest and fees, as applicable.

Generally these personal loans are also considered as installment loans as you have to pay back them over a specific period (or periods) along with interest and fees.

Do Personal Loans Help You Build Credit Score?

If you manage them responsibly, a personal loan will help you build a strong payment history, which is one of the biggest aspects that makes up your credit score. If your credit score is low, you may find it difficult to get approval for a personal loan. People having bad credit scores, there are may financial products available that may help you improve your credit history.

What Is Required To Get A Personal Loan?

Each lending institution has their own and different criteria, however, some common requirements for borrowers may include:

  • A credit score within a certain range
  • Must have some form of credit history
  • A Canadian bank account
  • Proof of income/stable employment
  • Permanent Canadian residency
  • You must be 18+ years old

What Can Happen If You Don’t Pay Personal Loan Back On Time?

If you do not make your loan payment before the due date it can have dire consequences:

  • Your lender may request you that you pay off the entire loan amount in one go
  • If you have a secured loan, your lender may have the right to take something like your car.
  • Your lender may report a missed payment to the credit bureaus, which could mean it will show up on your credit history and could hurt your ability to get credit in the future.
  • Your lender will usually charge you a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee if you don't have enough money in your account to cover the payment you're going to make with a pre-authorized debit.
  • Your lender can sue you for the debt


Like everything in life, personal loans have both advantages and disadvantages. As a borrower, it is your responsibility to carefully analyze both and then decide whether to apply for a personal loan or not based on your exact requirements.

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