Do’s And Don’ts During A Job Interview: Experts At Waah Jobs Opine

Job Interview
It is a no-brainer that how well you give your interview determines whether you will secure the desired job or not. Therefore, preparing for an interview is one of the most crucial steps of job application process – for both fresher and experienced. In this light, we bring to you tips, along with some do’s and don’ts suggested by job experts at Waah Jobs, an online recruitment marketplace that offers career opportunities to all kinds of job seekers.

Well, first impression may not be the last impression in every scenario but when it comes to job interviews, it definitely is. Therefore, wearing casual T-shirts or unpolished shoes or appearing for the interview in unkempt hair is a big no-no. “Seemingly insignificant things such as what you wear or how you greet your potential employer, matter a lot during job interviews,” opines one of the job experts at Waah Jobs.

Amid the pandemic, many have resorted to online or video call interview. However, this doesn’t undermine the importance of a nice and clean formal shirt or a warm greeting.

Assuming that you have prepared thoroughly for the commonly asked questions, here is the next tip – Don’t give long-winded answers! For instance, one of the most common interview questions is, “Tell me something about yourself.” Thus, keep your answer precise and concise. Talk about your name, academic background, work experience and skills that you have. Don’t drag your answers unnecessarily long.

For the first-timers, giving a job interview may not be as easy as it sounds with nervousness and anxiety getting in the way. Therefore, do mock interview sessions with your friend and practice as much as you can. Speaking of which, during video interviews, oftentimes, candidates get stuck, trying to familiarise themselves with the software they are using, during the course of the interview. To prevent this from happening, Waah Jobs’ experts suggest doing mock sessions for the same, so that you can give your 100 per cent during the actual interview.

Last but not the least, while everyone wants to project the best version of themselves during an interview, this doesn’t mean that you lie or pretend to be someone that you are not. Speak with confidence but be your professional self. 

We wish you luck for your interview!

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