Give Your Outfits An Alternative Transformation With These Few Ways

 women’s gothic clothing

Alternative fashion isn’t just about the clothing only. If you aren’t planning to add a whole range of new alternative clothing to your wardrobe, there are a lot of ways through which you can add in the alternative vibe to your personal style. While you may not be confident enough to invest into women’s gothic clothing, even gothic jackets for women will do the trick.

Want a push? Start wearing these alternative clothing or accessories to Halloween or themed parties. Check yourself how confident you feel in those. If you are not confident enough in the clothes yet, never mind. Here is a list of a few simple ways to imbibe alternative vibes into your fashion.

Hair Dye

Why don’t you start off with something very basic yet very striking? Your hair colour can talk a lot about your personality. Very similarly, when your hair is dyed in alternative hues it will talk loads about you, identifying yourself with the alternative fashion.

Alternative colours can range from shocking pinks, to steel blue to aqua greens, but always keep an eye what colour the trend says. At present, grey and steel grey are the most trending and must-to-dye hair colours.

Alternative Jewellery

Accessorising and getting ready with some statement alternative jewellery is indeed so much fun. It is also a subtle way to make people know about your preferences.
You can customise your look by adding a little or a lot of quirky accessories to your outfits. If you are looking to buy some earrings, pewter rings or even goblets to decorate your room, Jordash Clothing has a vast range of options for you to choose from.

Printed or lacy capes

Wearing capes are a simple way to accessorise your outfit, and are perfect too if you feel like creating a versatile look throughout the day! Whether you throw it on your shoulders to fight the little chill or attend a party after office hours, capes can be a style boost for you all. If you want to emphasise the gothic elements, you can try a printed hooded cape.

Studded belts

Whether you’re wearing your favourite pair of skirts or a dress, belts can be a great way to break the monotony. People don’t usually wear oversized studded belts atop their outfits, and thus this is a great way to add an alternative element to your look.

While there are many styles of belts available in the market and in online stores, a studded belt will still be our favourite choice. If you do not like these belts or feel confident enough to flaunt these wide belts, you can go for the rockabilly belts with bows and frills or elasticated pearl belts.

Backpacks and bags

You can even choose to carry a piece of alternative fashion around with you wherever you go! The bags and backpacks of Jordash Clothing are sure to create ripples of excitement because of the huge range of products they have on offer.

A woman’s personality can be gauged by the bags she carries. The wallets, bags, Dolly bags, backpacks all are available online to help you carry the one that suits your day’s outfit.

Wristbands and Chokers 

Alternative music and alternative fashion go hand-in-hand. In fact, we all know how gothic music, EDM and so one, gave birth to a few Gothic subcultures. Add to your look-book a number of alternative wristbands and bracelets with alternative designs you’ll love. They may not be starkly dark or gothic, but just minimally alternative.

Chokers on the neck too are an indispensable part of the Gothic and alternative fashion. They may be subtle with just a totem locket or may be colourful, wide and lacy.

Jordash Clothing has a little something for everyone. One can either create an alternative style of their own or may just follow the fashion trend. Find various stylish gothic and alternative accessories here, and transform your usual look to an alternative beauty in no time!

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