How Competitive Is The Tuition Industry In Singapore

Tuition Industry In Singapore
According to a survey conducted by Household Expenditures in Singapore, the average worth of economics tuitions in Singapore is almost around 1.5 billion dollars. A vast majority of Singaporean parents tend to spend money on their children like running water in the name of private tuitions. So, let’s take a look into some of the main reasons behind the rise in tuition rates and the competitiveness of the tuition industry in Singapore.

Prioritizing education in the first place:

The first reason behind such high levels of competition in the Singaporean tuition industry lies in the culture. People in Singapore consider education to be of the utmost importance. They believe it to be the key to a nation’s success, progress, and prosperity which it really is. 

This is why the parents in this country are happy to spend millions on their child’s education. They start planning their child’s educational journey the moment it is born. Some would even go as far as to set up a separate fund for their children’s school, college, and university fees. 

Overly enthusiastic approach towards knowledge & learning

The people of Singapore have an overly enthusiastic approach towards knowledge and learning. Most of the parents would even start sending their kids to school, at the tender age of two or three years, to receive pre-primary education. 

This is why, in Singapore, you will find many children who already have basic knowledge about different subjects, such as English and Mathematics even before they are systematically enrolled in school.

In addition to this, many parents send their children to different institutions for extra academic courses and classes as well. This approach enables happy learning amongst students. The students learn with full motivation and dedication. 

High regard for academic excellence

The academic society in Singapore strongly believes that the capabilities of a student are directly proportional to the number of highest grades he or she has achieved. 

This is one of the main reasons why there is such a remarkable increase in private tuitions in Singapore and parents are even more willing to invest in them. Especially when it comes to JC economics tuition in Singapore, the demand for experienced economics tutors never falls. 

Largely competitive academic environment:

Singapore is known to have an outstanding, competitive environment where parents draw a comparison between the academic results of their children and those of the seniors of their school or college. 

School administration also formulates an annual comparison chart between the teachers. This approach is also applicable between different schools and colleges. 

This ensures a solid competition between teachers, students, and even schools. What's more, every one of them continuously strives to do better than his or her competitors. They’re all fighting to stand at the top of the educational pyramid.  


Singapore is known for its high literacy rates and educational excellence. Here, you won't find even a single student who doesn't know his or her way around tough and sophisticated subjects like math, economics, science, etc. The reason lies in the culture and values held by the Singaporean people. They understand the importance of education and are willing to pay for it.