How to Protect a House During a Renovation

House Renovation

Are you planning to start renovating your home? Tackling such a time-consuming project will require you to invest plenty of effort and money in it. On top of that, it’s your responsibility to make sure your property is secure enough. Break-ins are not uncommon during the renovation process because the bad guys think the property lacks security. Therefore, to protect everyone on-site and secure your property from burglars, you should pay attention to appropriate signage, and several other aspects. Let's see what you'll need to take care of to protect your house during a home renovation.

Improve surveillance systems

Whether you already have a surveillance system or not, you’ll need to make sure all the crucial spots are under the watchful eye of security cameras. If you already have surveillance, then make sure you expand the field of your watch. Instead of keeping an eye only on the entrance, cover the back entrance, garages and have all the main rooms in the home covered as well. Check well for blind spots so that nobody can enter your property without being noticed. For those who can afford to splurge on technology, high-quality alarm systems will also be invaluable for protecting your home during a renovation. Not only will this fend off burglars, but you won’t have to worry about squatters, vandals or graffiti artists making themselves cosy either.

Invest in good lighting

Keeping your home in the dark is the last thing you want to do during renovation. Once the working day is done, you should make sure that the entire lot is properly lit, so that any potential intruder can be seen from a great distance. Light up reflectors in your yard, in front of the house and the back. You can also set a timer for the lights to turn on at a specific time, which may seem as if somebody is in the house, controlling the lights. Having the reflectors light up areas such as driveways, paths, entrances, and the backyard area will keep your home safe from any intruders.

Place appropriate signage everywhere

The last thing you need is someone getting injured because they didn't see the sign saying that construction is in progress and that they should be careful. So, to protect everyone on-site and those who come by, be sure you hang resistant corflute signs around the property that will give everyone an invaluable warning. Your high-quality print can be displayed out in the elements with the water and UV resistance. Fix the signage to any wall, post, or fence where everyone can see them clearly.

Keep everything valuable locked up

Having a safe in your home is always a good way to keep all of your valuables in one place safely secured. That will be especially convenient during renovation when you have no idea how many people will go through your home. With the whole crew in one place, it can be difficult to spot a person that doesn't belong there and is just exploring the property for weak spots and potential entry points. So, to ensure peace of mind, consider having a large sturdy safe, where you’ll keep all the valuable items, such as IDs, passports, money, jewellery and similar items.

Keep the construction site clutter-free

Another good way to protect your house during renovation is to warn the contractor and their crew to clean everything after they’re done. If you notice any cables or tools laying around once their working day is done, safely store them away and let them know about it. You don’t want anyone tripping over the cords and injuring themselves or causing a terrible accident by knocking down some of the drills, saws and other sharp machinery. Also, if any heavy machinery and vehicles are on-site, they should be safely parked in your yard or the driveway during the night.

Change the locks eventually

Once the renovation is done, you'll want to change all the locks in your home. Again, you cannot know whether somebody got a hold of your keys while you weren't looking and made a copy to be able to enter whenever they're convenient. Change the locks and update your alarm codes again, as well as all the video surveillance. Better safe than sorry is the best policy.

Final thoughts

Tackling a home renovation project will require a lot of time, money and careful security planning. Make sure you have quality surveillance around the house, both indoors and outdoors. Don't skimp on good lighting and signage, and always keep every room clutter-free. Accidents usually happen because of a lack of our attention, so protect everyone by keeping a tidy construction site every day. Keep your valuables locked, change the door locks once you're done renovating and keep your house safe from intruders for years to come.

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