Why Is Social Media So Addicting?

Social Media
You must come across people walking on the streets looking at their mobile phones. Have you ever guessed what most of them are looking at? Studies have proved the fact that out of every 10 individuals, 9 individuals are addicted to social media applications and this is what they usually check to keep them busy. Earlier, social media applications were introduced in the market to connect people from all around the world. However, with time we witnessed innovation in technology that gave these applications many more features.

If you have an account in single or multiple social media applications like Facebook, Connected India, Instagram and others, these applications enjoy millions of users daily who use their account for a different purpose. While some of them have their accounts for professional reasons, many users are there on these platforms for entertainment purposes. Entertainment is the answer to the question mentioned in the title.

Entertainment is the main reason why people these days are getting addicted to different social media applications. First of all, when these applications were not introduced or were new, they did not have calling features. However, with innovation, all these applications came with calling features that allow people to face-time their relatives and friends living abroad.

When we are talking about social media addiction, we can not forget youngsters. Young students are getting  addicted to these applications. While most of these students are busy looking at entertaining content like funny images, videos, etc., there are many who are busy uploading such kinds of content.
If a social media user uploads an image or a video, there are chances that it might get viral because of the content. In that case, many social media users from all around the world would try to watch the content and leave their comments and likes. This is another behind the addiction of social media applications. If a user starts getting likes and responses from other users, he would try to add more images and videos in his account.

Since he is getting fame from all around the world, there is hardly anything that could stop him from spending the majority of his day on these applications. However, entertainment is not the only reason why people become addicted to these platforms. Since we are living in the Digital Era, everything is available on the internet these days.

Companies are now shifting their traditional marketing strategies to digital platforms like social media applications. To have a competitive edge over their competitors, brands organize daily contents and other promotional activities to attract more and more customers to their social media pages. A customer, irrespective of his age and gender, loves to get things for free.

This is how people who love shopping or buying new stuff get addicted to social media platforms in search for a free product. Though the problem of social media addiction is severe, we cannot blame these applications for the same. It is rightly said that too much of everything is bad, this is what is happening with the users who are not able to control their desires.

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