How to Monetize Instagram Account

Instagram, no doubt everyone's favourite social media application. But, do you know you can earn your living just by posting on Instagram? Well, if you don’t keep on reading this post. 

Making money on Instagram is easier than on other social media platforms because you will not even need a lot of followers to monetize your account. You can use it to promote your art, your passion, or even your family business. Ok, so let's without any delay, discuss how to monetize Instagram. 

7 Strategies to Monetize Instagram

Here, we have explained 7 strategies to monetize your Instagram account that will surely help you to earn a good amount. 

Paid Promotions

While scrolling on Instagram, you may have come across different influencer's posts indicating paid promotions. This is one of the most used and simple techniques to earn money on Instagram. If you have a good audience and unique content, you can become an influencer on Instagram. When you become an influencer, you get paid to promote products of different brands. But, you can not just do this by having 1000 followers, you need at least 5000 followers to get to promote brands. 

Affiliate Offer Promotions

This is not very different from paid promotions. You get paid for promoting the products of the brand but, you get paid only for what people are going to purchase. So, the income that you are going to earn with this method depends on the response from the audience. If the audience will purchase the product that you are promoting, you are going to get a commission out of it. So,  yeah, having a good audience matters. 

Create Unique Content

When you create unique content on your Instagram and increase engagement on the account, you can earn well. One of the ways to monetize Instagram is to promote your content through IGTVs. But, you need to make sure that you post consistent content and follow a timetable to do the same

Another method that you can use is Live badges. For this method, you can promote the content on Instagram live and the live badges can be a way your audience show support to you. You can make use of these Social Media Marketing Strategies to grow your brand awareness.

Coach Your Audience

For most people, this may not be a feasible method. But, if you are good at something and you know how to teach or engage your audience, try to coach the audience. Coach them what you are good at and increase engagement. Also, if they want to learn, you can go for the paid courses.

Instagram Store

Isn’t it great that you can open your business on Instagram? If you have a store, integrate Ecommerce with your Instagram account and sell your products. With this method, you will sell the products directly to the audience through your posts, stories, and more. 

Advertise Your Brand

You do not have a business? It’s okay, you can still earn money from Instagram. You can sell services or even generate money through an individual business. But, always keep in mind that you have to use proper hashtags here so that people can come to your profile or know about your business. 

Teaching Your Audience

Other than promoting products or affiliate offers, we suggest you go for selling info products.  It simply means selling them courses for different foreign languages or even yoga. Sell your course and earn money. 

Winding Up

Have enough followers on Instagram? Have enough engagement on the account? Then, it is the right time to make money with your Instagram account. With all the strategies mentioned in this post, you will know how to monetize Instagram. Hopefully, this helps.