7 Acting Warm-up Activities For Kids

Warm-up activities refer to such exercises that play a crucial role in altering bad habits into good ones! It includes various warm-up routines, full-body physical warmups, facial and vocal exercises that bring positive changes within the kids cum junior artists. 

But do you know what are the acting warm-up activities that Singapore drama school offers? And what are the exact importance of those exercises? Stay with us to get a complete idea of acting warm-up activities. But before that let’s understand the importance of warm-up activities in Drama. 

Drama warm-ups bring a lot of changes in a kid. It improves their body language, voice, and mind.

Importance Of Warm-Up Activities In Drama

Make them energised using a drama warm-up! This is the prime reason behind such warming up activities.

Drama warm-ups bring a lot of changes in a kid. It improves their body language, voice, and mind. As the children get bored sitting at their desks all day, enrolling them into the speech and drama class Singapore might be one of the fascinating options for them! They will get the time to express their hidden souls and release all the energy for getting fun moments. These exercises also help the actors get rid of their anxieties and relax in their daily lives. 

Most warm-up activities focus on collaborating with others and growing self-confidence. It means that your kids can gain teamwork skills and most importantly, they become physically fitter and stronger gradually. Some of the warm-ups also promote their vocal cords and teach to create a positive atmosphere around them. 

7 Acting Warm-Up Activities For Becoming An Ideal Actor

Your kids can do these activities alone and also with someone else. 

  1. Circle the arms: It is a fun one! First, raise one of their hands and start swinging that in a circle in one direction. Then do the same with another hand, but in the opposite direction. 
  2. Work the neck: It is all about the work of the neck. Make your kids' necks roll around side to side, forward, and backward. Then again make their neck roll in the opposite direction. 
  3. Shoulders: Kids need to shrug their shoulders upside, downside, and roll forward and backwards. 
  4. Stretch the ribs: Here, the kids literally need to stretch your ribs at first. So guide your kids to raise their hands above the head, and then lean to any one side. Feel the tension release on the ribcage. Wait for a couple of seconds and then come back all the way to the upright position and lean another side again. 
  5. Breathwork: This activity helps in controlling the heart rate and relaxing the mind. At first, the kids have to assume an erect posture, and then start inhaling deeply and slowly through their nose. Meanwhile, start to exhale slowly through your mouth. Make them repeat this activity a few times until the heart rate does not get normalized. 
  6. Shake everything out: It is the best exercise for releasing the lingering tension. Primarily, make your kids shake their hands, then their arms. Then make them shake the entire body. 
  7. Folds: The kids need to bend their bodies first. Then drop the head and extend the arms downwards. Wait for 10 seconds. Then come back into a slight backward bend and wait for 10 seconds again. Make the kids repeat this exercise a few times until they improve your posture. 

3 Vocal Warm-Up Activities For Becoming An Ideal Actor

  1. Do “Ha”: It is the work of your abdomen. Firstly, place your hand on your abdomen and then inhale by expanding your stomach outward. In this way, you can breathe from your diaphragm. Then start to exhale in slow motion and meanwhile keep uttering “ha ha ha ha ha”. Keep pushing your abdomen every time you speak “ha”. Then repeat it more times. 
  2. Yawn and sigh: Do open your mouth as you do during yawning. And then let your voice sigh loudly from the top to its lowest note. 
  3. Tongue twisters: Have you heard some tongue twisting phrases like “red leather yellow leather”? So keep speaking them until your mouth gets loosened up. 

3 Facial Warm-Up Activities For Becoming An Ideal Actor

  1. Message: This activity should be at the very first of your warm-up exercises. Start messaging your kid’s face slowly in circular motion. It will loosen the facial muscles around your mouth, eyes, and forehead. 
  2. Use the lion-mouse technique: First, make your kids stand in front of a mirror and start stretching the facial muscles. Then like a lion roars, guide your kids to open their mouth wide. Then like a mouse, get their face small and meek. Then you can switch it back and forth. 
  3. Stretch the tongue: This activity lets the kid’s mouth move to enunciate and articulate. For doing it, guide your kid to bring their tongue out and then pull it down as far as you can. Then guide to do it upwards and sidewards. 

Most warm-up activities focus on collaborating with others and growing self-confidence.

To Sum Up

  • Singapore drama school improves communication skills through warm-up activities. 
  • Your kids get encouraged and start to feel confident enough to perform in front of their peers. 
  • These above-mentioned activities enhance the physical as well as mental fitness of the children. 
  • Most importantly, all the children who get habituated with these drama warm-up activities, usually get the power to become imaginative and creative. 

So come and join our acting classes, and train your child from the beginning. For more, feel free to check our website and related programmes for your child.