Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI is gaining ground in many different industries, including digital marketing. This article is about how exactly this technology can be applied to be

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Artificial Intelligence is a technological innovation that is gradually being introduced into the digital reality of our time.  Many processes are gradually improving through their application. The digital marketing industry is also transforming because of AI.

Today we discuss what areas of marketing can be improved by implementing AI.

Content Production Using Automation and AI

The statement that AI has no place in the production of brand new ideas is certainly appropriate. However, technology does have a place in content production. Based on available data, AI can generate good text and even video. This is a unique technology that can create a huge amount of video content in a short period of automation time. AI knows how to improve video quality. It is one of the most useful features for videographers. And these are just a few examples. The technology can have many more applications, like:

  • Auto-generated infographics and statistics.
  • Variable cinematic in games depending on certain plot twists and player choices.
  • Dynamic website covers and blog posts.
  • All kinds of personalized newsletters for effective digital marketing.

Creating Advertising Campaigns Using Data from AI Analysis 

Artificial intelligence models are especially good at extracting large amounts of data and identifying relationships and correlations. This allows identifying trends in the marketplace instantly. Before launching a campaign, for instance, it is possible to offload data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other sources, analyze it, and determine what will be popular with a particular market or demographic group. AI provides the ability to look at a given audience and determine the best way to distribute information to create content. In addition, AI technology can process natural language and create different slogans. With technology improving, we will see more and more AI-enabled advertising campaigns.

Digital Marketing User Recommendations Based on Analytics

AI brings a personalized nature to recommendations for users. Machine learning algorithms can process huge, ever-changing sets of historical data and predict the products a user will want to see next. 

Machine learning algorithms identify the patterns of behavior from huge data sets over a long period, including online and offline shopping behavior, and predict outcomes. The most favorable prediction scenario is then created and the product that is most likely to interest a particular user is selected. This increases the likelihood that the user will decide to buy the product or use the service. AI-based advertising becomes relevant to the target audience.

Enhanced Service Based on AI and Chatbots

Self-learning chatbots based on Machine Learning algorithms and natural language comprehension techniques are proving to be very effective

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Self-learning chatbots based on Machine Learning algorithms and natural language comprehension techniques are proving to be very effective in customer service by accumulating knowledge based on previous interactions with the user. Gartner analytics agency considers them to be the most promising technologies that are now at the peak of interest. In addition to automating the processing of customer requests and reducing the time and cost of this process, chatbots help to implement business analytics for customer service. Chatbots in banking or retail industry prove their effectiveness. In particular, by analyzing already processed cases, it is possible to identify bottlenecks in current business processes, improve interaction with customers, find ideas for new products/services, and optimize company operations.

Advanced Customer Experience by Integrating AI into Digital Design

AI will undoubtedly be the backbone of the user experience of the future. The technology has already changed significantly and has automated much of the work. The combination of AI and UX provides a unique mix for developers and customers. It can be used to perform routine tasks such as resizing images, applying shadows, and even writing code can be done with a well-prepared program. And that means architects themselves can get more for developing innovative processes.

The Benefits for the Business

Enhanced awareness 

Previously, data collection took a lot of time and effort, required human attentiveness, and any mistake could be devastating. With AI, data critical to digital marketing can now be gathered from anywhere, including social media, search engine queries, and even purchase history. This information is a valuable asset to businesses because it can be used to plan everything according to customer needs and capabilities.

Improved customer experience

AI can not only help businesses analyze all the data from the browser and search history, but also suggest a predicted outcome. Based on the analysis of customer behavior, the marketing campaigns can be planned for different target audiences. Such campaigns will be much more effective, which implies a return on investment and increased profits.

In addition to advertising campaigns, behavior analysis helps to make changes in time to improve the customer experience on the website or in the app. It makes it intuitive and the content as engaging as possible. 

Timely changes

When a business starts to experience stagnation, it's important to start introducing timely improvements. Data analysis and optimization can help promote higher Google rankings, improve the website for the sake of user experience, automate processes, and even introduce dynamics, such as dynamic pricing. This technology is perfectly applied in practice by airlines, where the price of a ticket can vary according to the season, website, location, dates, etc.


Of course, AI is not the technology we read about in science fiction books. AI in our reality is a set of sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics that can be used to improve and refine various processes in the marketing industry, among others.

AI and ML in the digital marketing industry can collect and analyze a huge database in a matter of time, predict, generate and steadily improve the customer experience. And what are your thoughts on this point?

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